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Absinthe Liqueur (Original) mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: 2. If no bar spoon is available, use the longest spoon possible and slowly stir it around the glass as well as up and down. Read more – View How To Make Absinthe Liqueur (Original) mixed drink

750 ml Bacardi® 151 rum
2 oz dried chopped wormwood
1 tbsp angelica root
1 tsp Hyssop
1/2 tsp coriander seeds
1/4 tsp caraway seeds
1 pinch cardamom pods
1 pinch anise seeds

Crush all ingredients in mortar and peste (or in a plastic bag with a rolling pin if you dont have one) except the Wormwood, Angelica root and Hyssop. Put all ingredients into the bacardi 151 (you will need to put it all into a larger bottle so it fits) and let it sit (still in a cool dark place) for 4-7 days. Strain out into a bottle and enjoy.

Letting it sit for 4 days will do the trick, 7 days will make it slightly more potent but it will be much more bitter. Using a weaker alcohol will work but it will turn brown instead of the usual green colour.

Bottle alcohol 0.67

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