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Acidic Mind”f**k” mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: Prevent Dripping: If you smear a clean piece of wax paper over the top of a bottle, the wax will form a tighter seal and make the bottle less likely to drip. Read more – View How To Make Acidic Mindf**k mixed drink

1 oz Jagermeister® herbal liqueur
1 oz Goldschlager® cinnamon schnapps
1 oz Rumple Minze® peppermint liqueur
1 oz Romana® black sambuca
1 oz vodka

Mix the Jagermeister, Goldschlager, Rumple Minze, Romana black sambuca and vodka in a chilled highball glass with ice and serve cold, or combine in a cup, then microwave it, and serve hot.

serve in Cup

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