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AJ’s Bubbling Brew mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: # Cracked – Cracked ice looks similar to cubes, but are smaller. This type of ice melts much quicker than cubes, and has a tendency to augment a drink with more water. The best time to use cracked ice is when creating frozen drinks in a blender because they break up easier and into more consistent pieces.. Read more – View How To Make AJ’s Bubbling Brew mixed drink

1 oz 151 proof rum
1 oz 1800® Tequila
1 oz Southern Comfort® peach liqueur
1 oz peppermint schnapps
12 oz beer

Carefully pour the Rum, Tequila, Southern Comfort, and Peppermint Schnapps into the glass, light on fire, and quickly add the beer. After adding the beer, stir the mixture and watch it bubble forth.

serve in Beer Pilsner alcohol 0.14

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