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Barqs & Brandy mixed drink recipe

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Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: 1. Even Professional measures the ingredients. Don’t guess to make a perfect drink every time. One Normal Shot Glass= 1oz. Read more – View How To Make Barqs & Brandy mixed drink

2 – 4 oz brandy
1 small lemon slice
12 oz Barq’s® root beer

Pour a good Brandy into large glass filled with cubed ice.

Hold glass at slight angle while filling up glass with Barqs.

Stir lightly.

Test before squeezing small lemon slice.

Best in Collins or HighBall glasses. Needs to be Barq’s, or another strong root beer (not A&W or Hensen’s). Barq’s is also one of few root beer’s with caffeine, giving you the perfect kick.

serve in Collins Glass

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