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Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-aid mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: Develop a sense of style: A large part of your effectiveness as a bartender is not your mixing ability, but instead your ability to tell a joke or perform a quick trick. Every good bartender should know a trick or six and a few jokes. Once you can tell one joke or perform one trick, eager bar-goers will happily share more with you. Read more – View How To Make Blue Raspberry Lemonade Kool-aid mixed drink

0.75 L Everclear® alcohol
1.75 L Blue Wave vodka
10 Blue-Raspberry Kool-Aid®
4 sugar
4.5 gallons water

Pour all ingredients in a 5- gallon water cooler putting the water in last and making sure not to go over the 5-gallon mark with the water. Now this will sound weird but is a very effective way to mix this because mixing it by hand just won’t work at all. You need a power drill and a dry wall mud mixer. Most of you will have a power drill but if not you can pick both the drill and dry wall mud mixer up at any home improvement store preferably Lowe’s as this is where this ideal was born. You will find the dry wall mud mixer in the paint department and you don’t need a really big one, just one long enough to reach the bottom of the water cooler. Place the dry wall mud mixer in the drill and slowly push in the trigger on the drill. If you go to fast you’ll make a mess. Mix for a few minutes then do a taste test. If you think you need more flavor drop in another package of kool-aid and mix up again. Once you are satisfied with the taste put the top on the water cooler get some ice in a cup and drink up!

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