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Brain Surgery Without Anesthesia mixed drink recipe

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Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: # Block – If you are a bartender or just like to create a lot of drinks in your home bar, then block ice is ideal for you. Ice tools allow you to break off various sizes and shapes of ice from the block to accommodate your drink. This may be a practice you don’t see much anymore, but block ice is still quite useful. These days you most commonly see block ice used for cooling punches. With the use of molds, block ice can be made into just about any form you want. Read more – View How To Make Brain Surgery Without Anesthesia mixed drink

2 L ginger ale
2 L 7-Up® soda
1/2 gallon orange juice
3 limes
3 lemons
1 gallon white wine
2/5 L vodka 100 proof
2 L ice cubes

Get a large (preferably clean) 5 gallon, foood service grade, bucket or drink cooler with a bottom tap for serving.

Open everything and pour it on in.

Cut the limes and leons in half, crush them into the mix and then drop what is left of them in the mix as well.

Get your cordless (must be a CORDLESS, BATTERY POWERED) drill and BRAND NEW stainless steel, impeller type, paint stirer, Chuck it up in the drill and start mixing. Add the ice in while mixing.

Serve chilled. Makes about 4.5 gallons

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