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Chocolate Beverage mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: 6. When the drink consists of clear liquids, STIR! If the drink has a carbonated drink (soda, ginger ale), stir gently to preserve the bubbly! SHAKE drinks that contain fruit juices, sugar, eggs, cream or other ingredients difficult to mix. Really SHAKE – don’t just rock! Read more – View How To Make Chocolate Beverage mixed drink

6 cups milk
3 oz Mexican chocolate
1 tsp powdered cinnamon
3 eggs

Boil the milk in the top of a deep double boiler for five minutes. Remove from the fire and add chocolate, mixed with the cinnamon, a little at a time – beating with molinillo or egg beater after each addition.

When the chocolate is thoroughly blended, heat to the boiling point.

Place it over the bottom of double boiler and add eggs, whipping constantly, until they are thoroughly blended and the mixture is frothing. Serve in coffee mug. Serves eight.

serve in Coffee Mug

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