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LTB Special mixed drink recipe

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Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: 6. When the drink consists of clear liquids, STIR! If the drink has a carbonated drink (soda, ginger ale), stir gently to preserve the bubbly! SHAKE drinks that contain fruit juices, sugar, eggs, cream or other ingredients difficult to mix. Really SHAKE – don’t just rock! Read more – View How To Make LTB Special mixed drink

1-16 oz Bottle Rockstar energy soda Juiced Guava
4-5 vodka

Pour Rockstar Energy Drink Juiced Guava (the purple can) into a cup. At 4-5 shots of the cheapest vodka you can find. Mix thoroughly. Being that the energy drink is 70 percent juice it covers up the taste of the vodka and even as much as 4-5 shots of vodka you can’t even tell there is vodka in it. I usually add more than the recommended amount of vodka

Cup alcohol 0.32

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