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Party Jungle Juice mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: Mixing with Eggs: When you shake a drink that requires an egg, use an ice cube. It breaks up the egg and helps it blend into the drink. Read more – View How To Make Party Jungle Juice mixed drink

1/2 gallon Everclear® alcohol
1 gallon vodka
1/2 gallon rum
1 fifth triple sec
4 cubed cantaloupe melons
3 cubed honeydew melons
4 lb whole frozen strawberries
4 lb scored, seedless grapes
8 peeled and sliced oranges
1 whole, cubed seedless watermelon
6 cans (48-oz total) pineapple chunks
6 cans (72-oz total) frozen orange juice concentrate
128 oz cranberry juice
3 cans (large or 46-oz each) pineapple juice

Add all the ingredients in a large cooler. (Note: use 2 cans water to 1 can orange juice concentrate first). Make sure all fruit is bite size. Add whole round slices of lime and slices of 4 or more bananas. Let soak for 1-2 days and consume. You may soak the fruit just in the alcohol for a few hours before adding juices if you choose. Throw in bottles of frozen water to chill.

serve in Cup

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