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Wakenda Water mixed drink recipe

Quick mixed drinks bartending tips: 9. Measures: Jigger = 1.5 oz-2 oz | Pony = 1 oz | Dash = 1/6 oz | Teaspoon = 1/8 oz Read more – View How To Make Wakenda Water mixed drink

1/2 gallon 7-Up® soda
1/4 gallon lemonade
1/4 gallon vodka

Take all of the above ingredients and mix them all in a one gallon jug. After you have mixed them all together, put the lid on the jug and shake it up. Then pour into your favorite cup or mug. Best served when cold or on ice. If you use the ingredients listed above, you’ll probably taste the 7-up more but, if you substitute 1/2 gallon of lemonade instead of 1/2 gallon of 7-up, you’ll probably taste the lemonade more. It just depends on which one you like more. Your serving size will vary depending upon how much you want to drink.

Jug alcohol 0.1

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